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Can I Use Entrapment as a Criminal Defense?

Brian J Smith April 1, 2013

In 1982, a man named John DeLorean successfully was able to argue a defense of entrapment after being coerced into smuggling cocaine by an FBI informant. While his case was very successful in entrapment as a criminal defense, it can be tricky to legally use this defense without the assistance of a qualified legal defense attorney.

According to legal researchers, entrapment occurs when authorities either persuade or induce someone to commit a crime that would otherwise not have been committed. It can be used as a defense as long as your attorney is able to successfully provide adequate information that law enforcement coerced you into committing a crime.

The second part of this defense is being sure that the prosecutors are not able to build a case against you, proving that you would have committed the crime without encouragement of law officials.

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