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6 Facts to Know About Domestic Violence Charges in Las Vegas

Brian J Smith June 1, 2018

Domestic violence is taken quite seriously today in Nevada and in the rest of the country, as it should be. But as a criminal law attorney Las Vegas, I know that it’s easy for the charge to be made recklessly, to the endangerment of innocent people. That’s why I offer my services to clients who are charged with this offense.

Here are a few facts about domestic violence and how it affects those being charged.

It’s called battery domestic violence. But the charge is often shorthanded to domestic battery or simply by the initials BDV.

The charge describes crimes of violence committed in a relationship or household. It might involve violence upon a boyfriend or girlfriend, spouse, a child or an elderly person, usually a relative. The charge might also include stalking of an ex lover or spouse.

A conviction carries a mandatory minimum sentence in Nevada. Even a first conviction of a misdemeanor count upon someone with an otherwise clean record carries a penalty of at least two days in city or county jail, a fine of at least $200 and mandatory counseling and community service. Penalties escalate with additional convictions. That’s why it’s critical that you call a criminal defense attorney with experience in this area of the law immediately if you’re ever accused of such a crime.

You can’t legally own a gun if convicted on a domestic violence charge. This is true even if the conviction is just a misdemeanor.

The victim can’t drop the charge. Let’s say you had a heated argument with your spouse. She calls the police and says that you hit her. With that accusation on the books, she can’t wake up tomorrow and figure that she overreacted and ask to drop the charge. The decision of whether or not to proceed with the case is up to the prosecutor. He or she might feel that your spouse is being pressured into withdrawing and might go to trial anyway.

Charges can be reduced or dropped, and records sealed. In other words, as long as you have a competent attorney on your side, there’s always hope. Your lawyer’s skills can make a huge difference in whether the case goes to trial. He or she might also be able to successfully negotiate to a lesser charge. Even in the worst-case scenario, records can eventually be sealed so that a conviction doesn’t affect your future. One mistake doesn’t have to ruin your life forever.

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The bottom line is that a charge of domestic violence battery can impact your life in very serious ways. That’s why it’s so important that you hire a good criminal defense lawyer in las vegas as soon as you think you have a problem. When you contact me, you’re in touch with the best criminal defense attorney Las Vegas.