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Arrest Warrants: You may have one and not know it!

Brian J Smith Jan. 16, 2013

The Incident

You are driving to work and suddenly notice a cop car following you. Of course, you don’t panic right away, because why would they pull you over, right? Out of nowhere though, the police officer switches on his lights to indicate that he needs you to pull to the side. You can’t think of any traffic laws you’ve broken, so there has to be another reason. To your surprise the officer notifies you that you have a warrant out for your arrest and before you know it, you’re getting handcuffed and hauled off to jail. How utterly humiliating and frightening! Wouldn’t it have been nice to know you had a warrant out for your arrest and why?

No Arrest Warrant is Too Large or Too Small

Arrest warrants can happen for both small and large reasons and will be active in the system for up approximately 180 days. They can result from issues as tiny as failure to pay an outstanding parking and/or traffic ticket to problems as large as skipping out on a court date.

How to Find Out If You Have An Arrest Warrant

Online websites are available where you can determine whether or not you have any outstanding warrants.

Arrest – This site will charge you a small fee to look up your warrants, but it sure beats a ride to the police station, especially if all you need to do is pay off a speeding ticket!

If you’re looking for warrants particular to the State of Nevada, you can use this quick link:

Clearing a Warrant from Your Name

You discovered you have an active warrant, now what? There are two ways this can be handled:

1. Go to your local courthouse

At the courthouse you can address the issue by presenting them with your ID. Here you can pay off the warrant or set a court date to address the issue at hand.

2. Hire a criminal attorney

There could be a small chance the warrant was placed under the wrong name or it is something you already paid off. It could also be something that you may want to fight in order keepyour insurance rates low and in this case, you will need fair representation.

Avoid the embarrassment of getting pulled over and/or arrested for an outstanding warrant. Find out what is on your record before it is too late!