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3 Times You Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Brian J Smith June 28, 2015

A criminal defense lawyer’s services aren’t just for criminals, they’re for everyone. When you need a defense lawyer’s services, it pays to work with a reputable one.

3 Times You Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Pop culture is over-saturated with lawyer jokes; the stereotype of a wheeling and dealing lawyer searching for every loophole to get his client out of trouble is a familiar one. Sure, it’s all for a laugh, but the work of a criminal defense lawyer will quickly become serious business to you when you realize that you need their services. Here are three instances when you could find yourself in need of legal help that might surprise you.

When You’re Innocent

“Innocent until proven guilty” is the philosophy that drives the American justice system. Unfortunately, like most systems that are vast and composed of many smaller parts, there are times when circumstances go awry and segments of the system malfunction. You can be completely innocent yet feel intimidated by the evidence seemingly stacked against you. That’s where legal counsel comes in: when you hire someone to defend you, you won’t have to stand up to your accusers alone.

When You’re Guilty

We all make mistakes — it’s part of being human! Take, for example, a setting rife with opportunity for questionable decisions such as Las Vegas. It’s one of the greatest, glitziest, and most entertaining cities in the world but you may notice there are an abundance of Las Vegas criminal lawyers. That’s because the heady cocktail of late-night clubs, all-night casinos and ready availability of alcohol can sometimes lead to costly mistakes. Should you find yourself in this situation, you should know that you don’t deserve to pay more than the fair price for your indiscretions. A defense attorney in Las Vegas will help reduce trumped-up charges to a fair and balanced charge.

When You Know Your Rights

As mentioned in the previous example of finding legal assistance in Las Vegas, sometimes defending yourself is also about defending your rights. A criminal defense lawyer will uphold the values set forth in the Constitution and in the Bill of Rights.