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5 Personality Traits All the Best Criminal Defense Attorneys Share

Brian J Smith March 27, 2015

The best legal minds have a few shared traits that keep them at the top of their game, and consistently finishing ahead of their competitors. If you find yourself in trouble with the law and in need of an attorney, keep your eyes peeled for a certain personality type. Choosing the right lawyer will result in the best possible outcome for your case.

1) Persistence

In the legal system, defense attorneys can be presented with a lot of roadblocks by others who are involved in legal proceedings. Police, prosecutors, and judges may make evidence difficult to obtain for their own reasons. A persistent defense attorney will continue to do everything in their power to get their hands on the evidence that can benefit their client, no matter how difficult.

2) A strong work ethic

Successfully practicing law requires a significant amount of hard work. Lawyers are often expected to have a firm grasp on complex legal codes, and use their knowledge of those codes to act in the best interest of their client. In many cases, an individual’s freedom can hang in the balance, and how much time an attorney is willing to put in can mean the difference between being found guilty or not guilty.

3) Discipline

Due to the fact that so much hard work goes into the practice of law, a lot of discipline is required for success. In most cases, lawyers are required to spend many hours on their own researching and collecting information for a case. The best defense attorneys are able to put all else aside and ensure that a case gets the attention it needs, when it needs it.

4) Hyper-critical

A successful defense attorney doesn’t take anything at face value. In order to ensure the best possible outcome for a client, a lawyer will examine every angle, and leave no stone unturned. Being able to spot possible pitfalls before they become an issue will keep you on the right side of the law.

5) Creativity

Creativity isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you consider hiring an attorney, but it’s an essential skill. Lawyers often have to come up with creative solutions to complex legal conundrums, and do so on a case by case basis. A skilled attorney will be able to think on their feet, and handle anything your case throws at them.

Hiring the wrong attorney to represent you could have a wildly negative impact on your case. If you or someone you know is looking for a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney, call criminal defense lawyer Brian J. Smith at (702) 380-8248.