3 Common Mistakes that Lead to Accidental Tax Fraud (and When to Get an Attorney!)

As tax season approaches, many of us scramble to get all our paperwork in order and do our best to get all those tiny boxes filled in, hoping for some sort of return. Be careful that you do not inadvertently set yourself up for an audit by watching for these three common errors.

(1) Missing a Form

Make sure that you have filled out all relevant IRS forms, schedules, and attachments when preparing your income tax statements. Far too often, a missing or incorrectly filled-out form has triggered an audit from the IRS, leading to the possibility of tax fraud litigation.

(2) Earned Income Credit

This is well known as one of the biggest audit triggers. While some take it who are not eligible, many more who can claim it simply don’t. Ask a tax professional if you may claim the EIC.

(3) Forgetting to Sign

Take the extra time to ensure that everything necessary for filing your tax return has been acquired, properly filled out, and signed.

If the forms frighten or confuse you, you are not alone. Remember, the cost of having a professional do your taxes for you is reimbursed by the IRS – so it actually costs you nothing. If you do find yourself in hot water, look for an experienced and qualified criminal tax attorney.

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