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Brian J Smith Aug. 21, 2014

Your criminal charges are not to be taken lightly, regardless of their severity. To make sure you are getting the best criminal lawyer in Las Vegas, consider asking your potential attorney these questions.

1.How long has the attorney practiced criminal law?

Don’t place your future in the hands of an inexperienced lawyer. When hiring an attorney, look for someone who has spent at least 10 years practicing criminal law.

2. How many jury trials has the attorney participated in?

Ensure your lawyer is familiar and confident with the trial process, so he or she is not afraid to go to trial if necessary. Consider seeking an attorney who has handled at least 40 or 50 jury trials.

3. Is the attorney a certified criminal law specialist

Find out if the attorney has been certified by the State Bar of Nevada as a criminal law specialist. This means the attorney has proven proficiency in the area of criminal law.

4. How much of the lawyer’s practice is devoted to criminal law?

Your lawyer’s practice should be at least 50 percent devoted to criminal defense.

5. What type of experience does the attorney have?

Remember that lawyers who have gained experience in the courtroom before going into private practice often have a distinct advantage.

6. Will the attorney you hire be the one handling your case?

At many law firms, it is standard practice to have you meet with an experienced lawyer initially and then assign your case to a less experienced lawyer. Make sure you know who will be defending you.

7. Is the attorney in the local Las Vegas area?

It is common for lawyers to advertise in areas where they do not reside or have an office. Local attorneys, on the other hand, have the advantage of being familiar with local law enforcement, judges, prosecutors, and practices of the courts. This could potentially improve the outcome of your case dramatically. Ask how familiar the lawyer is with the area where your charges were filed.

8. Does the attorney have a favorable reputation?

Ask around among law enforcement officers, other attorneys, and former clients to ascertain the attorney’s reputation.

9. Is the attorney making promises about the results of your case?

No attorney can honestly guarantee a particular result, so keep in mind that lawyers who inform you of all possible outcomes are more likely to be trustworthy and acting in your best interests.

10. How much does the attorney charge?

If you’ve been charged with a serious crime, don’t worry too much about getting the best deal. A low fee could mean the lawyer is not experienced or is overextended. At the same time, remember that a high price doesn’t always mean a better lawyer.