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Professional Criminal Lawyers In Las Vegas

Why Hire a Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Defense Attorney

Choose the Right Identity Theft Attorney

Why Consult a Bad Checks Attorney?

Work With a Successful Robbery Attorney

Why You Need an Experienced Sexual Assault Attorney

Las Vegas’ Best Homicide Attorney

Get Results With an Experienced Domestic Assault Lawyer

Why Do You Need a Mortgage Fraud Attorney?

Get Fair Representation with an Embezzlement Attorney

Experienced Securities Fraud Representation

Excellent Credit Card Fraud Attorney With Experience

Looking for a Las Vegas Bankruptcy Fraud Attorney?

Las Vegas bankruptcy fraud attorney Brian J. Smith has been serving as a criminal defense attorney since 1997. Here is a brief summary of his credentials and specialties.

A Trusted Nevada Unemployment Insurance Fraud Attorney

Let Brian J. Smith help you with your case.

The Premiere Mail and Wire Fraud Lawyer in Las Vegas

Mail and wire fraud cases require the services of a qualified attorney.

One Of The Top Las Vegas DUI Attorneys

Brian J. Smith can help you with your DUI case.

The Best Drug Lawyer in Las Vegas

Drug charges can mean serious jail time. Hire a knowledgable lawyer to help.

The Leading Criminal Conspiracy Attorney in Las Vegas

Rely on the services of the top attorney in Southern Nevada.

Trust a Qualified Las Vegas Aiding and Abetting Attorney

Get the justice you deserve with help from Brian J. Smith.

Reliable and Knowledgeable Drug Crime Attorney in Las Vegas

Get out of your drug charge with the help of an attorney.

The Perfect Sexual Battery Attorney For Your Needs

Don’t delay and contact the top sexual batter attorney in Las Vegas.

You Need A Reliable Foreclosure Fraud Attorney

Trust Brian J. Smith to defend your foreclosure fraud case.

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