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Hiring A Domestic Violence Attorney: What You Need To Know

When faced with domestic violence accusations, hiring a domestic violence attorney can help mitigate the stress and legal ramifications that are sure to arise. Here are a few key points to consider when hiring a domestic violence attorney: Once law … Continue reading

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The Nevada Statutory Sexual Defense Statute: What Every Parent Should Know

Statutory sexual defense, or statutory rape, is an issue that can tear a family apart. Parents should be aware of the laws regarding age of consent, in case they find their children needing legal representation. In Nevada, a statutory sexual … Continue reading

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Battery Domestic Violence: What Happens If You’re Falsely Accused?

Photo credit: derekskey via photopin cc Domestic violence charges are major offenses, which can bring serious legal consequences. But what if you are falsely accused of domestic violence charges? Due to the serious nature of these accusations, police tend to arrest first and ask … Continue reading

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