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Criminal Defense Advice: What Happens When You’re Arrested?

How does a criminal defense case get filed? After being arrested, a prosecutor will read the police report detailing the circumstances of your arrest and will determine whether you should be charged with a crime. Sometimes, the prosecutor may seek … Continue reading

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Strange Laws in Nevada #1: Sidewalks

When traveling to a new location, it is wise to investigate the laws and rules of that area. Each part of the country has different laws and you can find yourself with a fine or behind bars for committing a … Continue reading

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Can Police Track A Criminal’s Cell Phone Without a Warrant?

To have a warrant or not to have a warrant? That is the question facing U.S. legislators in regards to whether police must obtain a search warrant to track cell phone GPS of criminal suspects. As advancements in technology are … Continue reading

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Professional Las Vegas Criminal Lawyer

Whether you are visiting Las Vegas or whether you are a longtime resident of Sin City, you could find yourself on the wrong side of the law. A Las Vegas Criminal Lawyer will help you to navigate through the Nevada … Continue reading

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