Violent Crimes

Violent crimes in Nevada usually fall under one of the following categories:

Murder Laws in Nevada

Nevada murder law NRS 200.010, states that prosecution must prove intent and premeditation for a person to be convicted of murder.

Manslaughter Laws in Nevada

Nevada murder law NRS 200.040 defines manslaughter as the killing of a human being without deliberation or malice, meaning that the person did not mean to commit the offense.

Kidnapping laws in Nevada

Nevada kidnapping law NRS 200.310 defines kidnapping as taking an individual away from a location against their will. Confining an individual to a controlled space also be considered a kidnapping in the form of an abduction.

Robbery Laws in Nevada

Nevada robbery law NRS 200.380 defines robbery as taking someone else’s property in their presence or otherwise, against their will. This stolen property is often accompanied by violence, which can make it a more serious offense.

Punishment for Nevada Violent Crimes

Because of the vast range of crimes that fall under a violent crimes, there are varying levels of punishments and circumstances that can result from violent crime charges, including:

  • community service
  • probation
  • fines
  • restitution
  • anger management/counseling
  • jail time
  • death penalty

Although not available to everyone, with the help of a Las Vegas violent crime defense from an experienced attorney, there is a chance that you could have your criminal record sealed, which would help you in your life after the legal proceedings have occurred.


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Violent crimes are treated very harshly in Nevada, making it necessary to retain the services of Las Vegas defense attorneys with a reputation for results, such as the Brian J. Smith Law Office.

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