Sex Crimes

The lifelong ramifications that can result from being charged with a sex crime can be devastating. In actuality, a simple accusation filed an alleged sex crime and make your life unbearable. Sometimes it may take a long time between an accusation and a legal result in cases where the alleged victim has no corroboration. During this time if you don’t have proper guidance, things can unravel quickly.

Lifetime sentences are not uncommon in the arena of severe sex crimes. A few of the most frequent sex crimes are as follows:

As it stands, most people convicted of a sex crime have to register as sex offenders in Nevada. While there are four different levels of severity when it comes to sex offenders in Nevada, being labeled as any classification of sex offender brings with it certain negative stigmas that can have drastic effects on opportunities for employment, education, and relationships.

Not only that, certain jobs to come completely inaccessible once a sex crime conviction has been made. in our residents are able to access the Nevada sex offender registry, also known as Megan’s Law registry, anytime to find registered sex offenders in their communities.

Clearly, having access to an expert Las Vegas sex crime lawyer is the only move to make as soon as you have been accused of these types of offenses.

Nevada Sex Offender Tier System

Nevada has classifications that place different levels of sex offenders into categories determining the danger level close to the community – they are:

This tier indicates a sex offender who is not likely to re-offend.
This tier depicts a sex offender who poses the potential to threaten public safety by committing another offense. Local prosecutors and law enforcement are given notification of these individuals, as well as being provided with a criminal history.
This tier depicts a sex offender who poses a substantial threat to the media community. Local law enforcement, prosecutors, churches, and schools are notified of the whereabouts of these offenders.
This dear represents the sex offenders proposed the highest threat to their immediate communities. Local law enforcement, prosecutors, churches, and schools are notified of the whereabouts of these offenders.


Nevada Sex Offender Registry – This is the official Nevada sex offender registration page, containing compliance information for offenders and general sex offender information for the immediate community.

The Brian J. Smith Law Office has successfully defended numerous sex crimes cases in Las Vegas. As a former New York prosecutor, his Las Vegas defense attorneys know what the prosecution is looking for in these cases. Our law office is prepared to fight for your defense, and for your life.

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